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in Home Sleep Study And Sleep Consulting. In Werribee Vic 3030

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CPAP Equipment Sterilisation & Maintenance with Therapy check up.                       
​Therapist will clean, sterilise and check all CPAP equipment. 
The unit will be checked, have its filter changed and its data downloaded.   
Therapy check up will also include patient screening, and updating the treatment plan if required. 

Detailed Consultation.                                                                                           
​We come to you for a full evaluation of your detailed history and perform symptom screening. 
We will have a discussion on improving sleep habits and hygiene, and develop a treatment plan when required. 
Assessment for Mandibular Advancement Splints or Laser Treatments will be charged as a Detailed Consultation. 

In Home Sleep Study.       (referral usually required)                                                         
Includes a detailed consultation.  
​Therapist then sets up equipment (or shows you how) and will come back the following day to collect equipment.

In Home CPAP Trial.         (prescription usually required)                                                     
Includes detailed initial consultation.
Training, set up, hire and titration of CPAP unit. 
Professional fit and hire of CPAP masks. 

All required consumables (distilled water and cleaning products). 

Weekly monitoring: Minimum 3 phone call consultations and 2 follow up home visits.                          

Group information session. 

Information sessions for groups.
Prices vary depending on requirements. 

Welcome to A Good Nights Sleep.

We provide the latest healthcare information for people like you. We strive to offer the best advice and most current news and products to help you obtain the best quality sleep possible. 
All of our services are completely mobile. We come to you!!

Education, treatment and support for key sleep conditions and disorders: 
-Snoring                           -Sleep Apnea       
-Shift Workers                   -Night Owls
-Delayed Sleep Phase        -Restless Legs

We specialise in: 

  • In home Snoring and Sleep Apnea Testing.
  • Pre-operative or Employment OSA clearance testing. 
  • Sleep hygiene counselling to improve sleeping habits.
  • Trial Sleep Apnea/Insomnia treatment. 
  • Provision, support, and education for CPAP/APAP. 
  • Spare parts and maintenance for CPAP/APAP.
  • Supply and Adjustments of Mandibular Advancement Splints. 
  • Assessment and Oversight of Laser Treatment.  

CPAP Essentials-  Nasal and oral moisturising agents, cleaning products and distilled water.


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