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     A Good  Nights Sleep

Patient care is the primary focus of our practice.

Our Tertiary qualified Sleep Therapists will support your patients and their journey through sleep management.

We believe it is important to keep you informed about your patients condition, treatment and progress.

A Good Nights Sleep provides an Auxiliary service to support GPs and Sleep physicians with managing the treatment and management of patients with numerous sleep conditions. 

We provide in home services, either remotely or where possible by attending the patients home or care facility. We have a small clinic located in Leopold, VIC for patients to attend for a lower cost. 

Referral Templates 


Home Diagnostic Study Referral 

Patient Questionaire

RTF (Templates for Zedmed and Medical Director)​

Home Diagnostic Study Referral 

You can give your patients the link to our online forms for Sleep assessments and Check ups.

Secure transmission of referrals, history, requests and correspondence can be sent through:

Fax:  03 5947 5047
HealthLink: SLEEPPAP