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Thank you for choosing A Good Nights Sleep for your CPAP trial.

​A Good Nights Sleep offers patients a FOUR week trial of CPAP equipment.
​There will be an extended hire fee of $50 per week for any period of time beyond the initial four weeks.

​Remote CPAP trials include the courier delivery of the CPAP equipment direct to your house, and return shipping with pick up from your house.

Until the equipment is returned to A Good Nights Sleep, you will be responsible for keeping the equipment safe and in good working order.

CPAP trials begin in the Automatic APAP program for two weeks, followed by fixed pressure or CPAP for another two weeks (unless the patient wishes to stay on Automatic). Two CPAP masks are typically included in your set up.

A Good Nights Sleep will provide three to five detailed remote CPAP sessions, the first will be in the first few days of treatment, then weekly thereafter.

​Our CPAP equipment must be used with Distilled water only, you can purchase this from coles/safeway in the laundry section. If you cannot find any at your local store, we will source some for you for your trial.

​We recommend purchasing some fragrance and alcohol free wet wipes to wipe your mask and machine daily.

You are responsible for cleaning the device weekly. The mask, water chamber and hose can be washed in warm soapy water, then rinsed thoroughly 2-3 times to ensure no residue remains. Pure liquid soap is recommended, as that is hard to find, you could also use gentle wool wash liquid. 

At the completion of your trial, the loan pool equipment will be returned to A Good Nights Sleep. If you purchase a CPAP set up of our own (typically arranged in the third week of your trial), this will be delivered before the loan equipment is picked up by the courier.

​IF you agree to these conditions of the Loan Agreement, please fill in the form below.